Christian Persecution

                A man walked into two mosques in New Zealand and brutally murdered 50 people.  From what I have read he murdered them because he is a white supremacist, anti-conservatism, eco-fascist. Although you will not hear about his extreme liberal/fascist views from the media; only the white supremacist aspect. But I digress.
                I want to make something very clear:  He did not do this because he is a Christian who hates Muslims.  No Christian can rightly claim that he/she is motivated to hate and murder because of their Christian beliefs. Anyone who claims to kill in the name of Christ has ever met Christ, nor or they being obedient to His words. In fact, every Christian abhors what this man did and wants him prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Christians are as outraged over this event as every other decent human being.
                But what happens when a group of people are savagely murdered with guns and machetes by Muslims because they are Christians? Where is the outrage there? In Nigeria over the last few weeks over 120 Christian men, women, and children were slaughtered by Muslims simply because they were Christians. You may not know that because it hasn’t been on the major network news.  There is no international outrage and public condemnation of the horrendous acts of violence against Christians around the world. None.
                There have been no tweets from politicians condemning the rhetoric, let alone the teachings, that lead to the massacres of Christians at the hands of Muslims.  There have been no resolutions in Congress and no calls for more gun control from the media.  Why not?  It is simple, really.
                The hate and wrath of Islam would be publicly exposed.  Muslim teachings would have to be scrutinized by those who so ignorantly advocate for them in our politics and news media. It would open the door for more honest discourse concerning Islam’s violent history and present intent. The general public would be able to contrast the true doctrine of Islam with the teachings of Christ and, believe me, the true nature, beliefs, and actions of the Muslims would be laid bare. No anti-Christian wants that.

Pray for your Christian brothers and sisters around the world that suffer and die because of their faith in Christ. Pray that the eyes of the haters will be opened to see the truth.


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Bro. Tony