Christian Nationalism

Have you heard the term “Christian Nationalism”? If you haven’t, I believe you will be hearing it
soon…and often…in the news when conservative politics are discussed. It has become a way to point to
any conservative political thought and movement as an inherently dangerous thing. Are you a
Christian? Do you vote for conservative principles? If so, you will be marginalized and discredited as
one of those horrible Christian Nationalists. People will be told that you, and your principles, are a
threat to democracy.
What is Christian Nationalism? It is a figment of the imagination that the left-leaning and Godless
politicians use as a scare tactic: it is the monster under the bed or in the closet that will jump out and
snatch away any and all freedoms we, as Americans, enjoy. People are told that if Christian Nationalists
gain control of the government, women will be treated as second-class citizens, gay and transgendered
folks will be tortured and thrown into jail, our schools will become nothing more than weeklong Sunday
School classes teaching narrow-minded hatred, and people of color will be unwelcome in our nation.
Among other things. That’s some scary stuff, huh?
Who, then, is a Christian Nationalist? According to the far left politically, it is simple: Anyone and
everyone who uses the Bible as their moral conscience and guide to living and, thus, voting. Do you
oppose abortion because you believe it is morally wrong according to the Bible? Then you must be a
Christian Nationalist. Do you think that transgendered people have gender dysphoria and are in need of
help? You are surely a Christian Nationalist. Do you believe that marriage is a holy union between a
man and a woman? Christian Nationalist, for sure. See where that is heading?
Note, also, that the term is used almost exclusively for Evangelical Christians. Mainline Christians such as
Episcopal, Methodist, Anglican, and others interpret the Bible vastly different on those subjects.
Therefore, they are given a free pass, politically. I honestly believe that when a church or denomination
understand that a Godless world readily accepts their doctrine it is because it doesn’t threaten their
worldliness, their carnal mindset, or their depravity. True Christianity accepts none of that.
So, no, I’m not a Christian Nationalist, and neither are you simply because you believe the Bible and vote
conservatively. Remember…you may not can legislate Jesus, but you better not ignore Him, either.
Say good things about your Savior and His Church on the Bluff.
Bro. Tony