Choose the right course!

Most of you know that my personal vehicle is a 2008 Jeep Wrangler. It has a six-cylinder engine and an
automatic transmission. I lifted it 2 1/2 inches and installed oversized tires. It’s my first “big boy toy”
and I enjoy it tremendously. Suppose that a brand new, mid-engine Corvette pulled up beside me and I
challenged him to a race. Would I be crazy for doing that? What if I told you that I could guarantee,
without a doubt, that my Jeep could beat that Corvette? Well… I could. How? It’s easy… I choose the
A Jeep isn’t made to fly down a quarter mile racetrack; it is made to traverse rough terrain (especially if
it’s lifted and has oversized tires). A Corvette wouldn’t stand a chance over an uphill, rocky, uneven
wasteland. There would be no competition. Where am I going with this?
Satan is a formidable adversary. He is smart, deceptive, and the father of all lies. He is seductive and
attractive. How can a mere human being defeat him? Simple: Choose the right course! The world and
worldly pleasures mark Satan’s course. Strive for personal gain and glory, seek the temporary lusts of
the flesh, and surround yourself with unruly, Godless friends. That is the devil’s course and you,
Christian, are not built for that. Satan will win each and every time.
Instead, choose a course where you seek the glory of God, desire to help those less fortunate, and lift
your neighbor up. Choose Christian friends and attend church with like-minded believers. Turn the
other cheek and go the second mile. Strive to live by the Word of God in every situation at all times.
Satan will not have a chance. He’s on God’s course…your course…and he isn’t built for that. Victory is
Say good things about your Savior and His Church on the Bluff.
Bro. Tony