Can Christians Support “The Wall”?

               Can a Christian support “The Wall”?  I’ve read a couple of times recently that a true Christian betrays the character and purpose of Christ if he or she supports the building of a wall between the United States and Mexico. Is a wall inhumane or hateful? Is it cruel and unloving?  Let me rephrase the question at hand and perhaps we can get a clearer picture of a Christians response to the volatile and divisive subject:  Can a Christian support controlled immigration?
              The answer to that question is simple. Of course, we can.  There is nothing cruel and hateful about being able to control who comes into our nation.  In fact, it is sensible thing to do. We have been doing it in several ways since 1875.  This outrage and arguing at the Southern border is mostly political grandstanding and pandering for votes. Let’s not let the rhetoric and name-calling divide us.
             There are between 765,000 and 810,000 legally protected people allowed into this country every year.  Estimates of 500,000 enter illegally every year. I do not believe it to be wrong to be concerned about the 500,000 who come into the country illegally.  Why?  Last year there were over 256,000 illegals deported. Of that number over 68% were criminals, gang members, or terrorists. I have a mandate to protect my family and if controlling immigration will help me achieve that goal, I will do it.  It is neither unloving, uncaring, racist, or selfish. It is certainly not un-Christian.
            At the same time, we are to minister to all who are in need. So as Christians we do have a unique calling of ministry to people in need.  No who comes to our church asking for help has ever been asked their immigration status.  I never question the many benevolent ministries we support if they check for green cards of those who are hungry or in need of clothes.  But…..I can and will continue to support controlled immigration.  That doesn’t make me a bad person.
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Bro. Tony