Biblical Worldview

                What determines how you think and feel about the issues of the day? What is it exactly that makes you feel the way you do about what is going on in the world? It is safe to say that the variables are many. We are influenced by our culture, molded by our upbringing, guided by our prejudices, and even driven by certain fears. Those things work together to build our “worldview”…how we look at things. But I feel that it is precisely because our worldview is predicated on those things that we have so much conflict and turmoil around the world and in our own personal lives. Culture, fear, prejudices and such allow for some pretty outrageous beliefs…such as one race being superior to another or that a male has inherently more worth or value than a female. It also gives us groundwork for believing that same-sex attraction is just another way of living or that a person can become whatever sex he/she/they/ze/vis/syrs, etc., desires. It literally lets us boil down our lifestyle to “let your conscience be your guide”.
                That isn’t a good thing. People’s consciences often allow them to do horrible things. People’s consciences allow for robbery, violence, murders, rape, hatred, and so forth. People will rob others and not feel bad about it. People will hate other races and go to bed and sleep like a baby. Obeying our conscience will allow us to lie, steal, and injure without regret. Living according to what our conscience allows will cause us to go past justice to get revenge. In other words, when our worldview is based on the whims and fancies of culture and personal feelings things can go south quickly. Isn’t that what we see in the world every day? But there is another way; a better way.
                The alternative is a “Biblical worldview” and that worldview is basically a belief in two things: there is a God and that God has spoken to us. You see, our worldview is based on only two possibilities. Either we believe there is a God, or we believe there isn’t a God. There are no other lines of thought; we are going to believe one way or the other. When we believe there is no God then we have no basis for anything except how we feel about it. Our conscience is literally our guideline for every thought and action we take. However, when we believe there is a God and God speaks to us then the basis for our decision is “what does God tell me to do” and we live by that…no matter how we feel.
                For instance, suppose we have a boss who we feel overworks us and/or under pays us. Our conscience will allow for putting forth less than our best, leaving early, perhaps even taking liberty with our honesty with him/her. But what does the Bible say? The Bible says work your hardest and take only what is yours. It’s simple. Or perhaps you know someone who is confused sexually, believing himself/herself to be a sex other than what is biological? He or she is a great friend, good person, and deserving of your love and concern. Conscience says go along with it and it’s OK. The Bible says God created two sexes and people are born with one of those two sexes. It says to love that person and try to help…not affirm their sickness and encourage their confusion. Our conscience allows us to hate our enemies and do what we can to undermine them, hate them back….whatever. The Bible says to love them and do good to them…no matter how we feel.
                There is so much difference in the way we behave and act toward others when we have a Biblical worldview. There are so many ways our lives are better when we have the absolute truth of God guiding us. Therefore, we must make the decision to live by the Word of God or live by a humanistic worldview. And, Christian, it must be all the Word or God.
Say good things about your Savior and your church!

Bro. Tony