Biblical Morality

A liberal journalist in England began to see a pattern in many news stories and articles that professional
and political people were, too often, substituting feelings and opinions for actual facts. Following the
evidence led Melanie Phillips to somewhat accidentally stumble into the culture wars. But she has
perceived that it is, in fact, a war—an all-out WAR. She charges that liberals not only dislike traditional
family, but they are actively, intentionally and successfully destroying traditional family!
In Guardian Angel, she writes, “And when I started writing about family breakdown, I was also called ‘an
Old Testament fundamentalist.’ At the time, I shrugged this aside as merely a gratuitous bit of bigotry.
Much later, however, I came to realize that it was actually a rather precise insult. My assailants had
immediately understood something I did not myself at the time understand, that the destruction of the
traditional family had, as its real target, the destruction of biblical morality.”
A liberal, non-religious reporter, following facts, came to the conclusion that attacking certain long-held
beliefs and traditions was, in fact, motivated by a hate for Biblical morality. I’m not surprised. While the
Bible is, by far, the most printed, most purchased, and most read book in the history of the world it is
also the most hated. Why is that, do you think?
I believe it is because the Bible not only draws lines concerning moral decency, it places itself above
every other call for temperance and responsibility by stating God, Himself, is the author. There is no
higher authority to whom humans can appeal. We can argue with people of different backgrounds,
mindsets, and opinions and when facing opposing ideologies we can refer to this author or that teacher
or the other philosopher. But when we say, “but God says”, that’s it. Discussion is over. So when folks
begin straying from well-known and accepted behaviors they have to try to destroy the source of those
norms…the Bible.
Proverbs 29:18 says “where there is no revelation, people cast off restraints”. That is exactly what is
happening today. Where people throw away the wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God, anything
goes. Anything. No matter how ridiculous and absurd…and blatantly indefensible.
So yes, the family must go. No matter the immense volumes of proof that being raised in a home with
both mother and father present is the absolute best environment to produce emotionally, mentally, and
productively healthy members of society, the family is a construct of Biblical morality and must be
abolished. Let’s cast off those restraints.
America…churches…we will reap what we sow! We are reaping…..
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Bro. Tony