Biblical Authority is the ONLY Authority

              It appears that the United Methodist Churches are about to split into two distinct denominations. One will adhere to historical Biblical authority on marriage and sexuality and the other will support and promote a LBGT lifestyle. While there are a couple of other minor differences, it is this issue that ultimately drives the division. But we must also understand that this issue is only a flower stemming from the root of Biblical authority. Let me explain.
                Among Protestant churches there are two main divisions. One is called Mainline Protestant and the other is Evangelical Protestant. Methodist, Presbyterian (USA), Episcopal and others fall into the Mainline category while Southern Baptists, Assemblies of God, and a few others comprise the Evangelical wing of Protestantism. Both parties agree on the sufficiency of Christ as God in the Flesh and salvation through His blood alone. Of that…I am so very thankful. What sets the groups apart is primarily their view of the authority of the Bible.
                Evangelical denominations view the Bible as inerrant and infallible. That is, it is to be viewed as the very word of God as the Spirit inspired the men who wrote it. It is without error and speaks the same truth to every generation. It is to be interpreted likewise. John Green, author of “Religion and the Culture Wars” describes the Mainline view of the Bible like this: “Mainline Protestants have a different perspective. They have a more modernist theology. So, for instance, they would read the Bible, not as the inerrant word of God, but as a historical document, which has God’s word in it and a lot of very important truths, but that needs to be interpreted in every age by individuals of that time and that place”. It is that mindset that allows for deviation from historical interpretation and opens the door for what I call non-Biblical lifestyles.
                Once we begin interpreting the Bible according to the way the culture is leaning, we have lost the foundation of morality and truth. Our culture is the way it is exactly because it has distanced itself from the Biblical truth. We must view a LBGT lifestyle through the lens of the Bible…not the other way around. I fear for my friends and relatives in the Methodist churches because history has shown that the effectiveness and growth of churches that become more liberal in their interpretation of the Bible soon begins to shrivel. Ironically, the churches that state they are “open” or “inclusive” (code for accepting and promoting the LBGT community) so that they reach more people, actually begin to lose more people.

                I am thankful to be a part of Southern Baptist Convention. The convention isn’t perfect by any means. But taking a stand on the inerrancy of the Bible is of utmost importance. I heard a high-ranking official of a Mainline Protestant denomination say, when asked about a particular doctrine that most people see and understand as antithetical to the Bible, say that “we can’t live by one book”. Let me emphatically say, speaking of the Bible, we can…we must…live by that one book!

Say good things about your savior and your church!

Bro. Tony