Angels from heaven

“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s
curse!”  Galatians‬ 1‬:8‬ NIV‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Did you know that an angel named Moroni gave Joseph Smith the “golden plates” that became the Book of Mormon?  Or, that an
angel named Jibril (Gabriel, in English) gave Muhammad the Quran? We really don’t need to discuss all the false doctrines of those
two religions once we see how we were literally warned about them by the apostle Paul, himself!  God inspired Paul to write that
the Mormon and Muslim heresies would come about long before they did.
I’ve seen and heard this question several times in the last few months (asked in several ways):  With all the religions in the world,
past and present, why should someone believe in the Christian God?  That is a very good question, isn’t it?  Why should a person
believe in, and worship, God as presented in the Bible over gods as presented elsewhere and in other publications?  What is the
I’m sure that they’re several books written on the subject and I have neither the time or space to dig too deeply into the subject. 
But let me give you a couple of quick things that you can share with any who ask that question.  Perhaps, you, too, may have some
questions on the subject.
First, I’d say that is the uniqueness of the revelation.  In the ancient religions there was no “revelation” at all, just the belief that if
something happens or exists, there must be a deity in control of it.  Hence, we have a god of the sun, a god of the moon, a god of
war, a god of love, a god of the harvest, and so on.  Those types of god never spoke or revealed anything.
Then you have a god who not only reveals Himself, but speaks to mankind.  There are several of these types of god.  However,
Christianity is the only religion where God not only reveals Himself and speaks to mankind, but does so over the course of history to
many prophets and writers with the same message; these people didn’t know all the others, yet they never contradict each other. In
the other religions that speak of only one god, that god reveals himself to, and speaks to, only one person.  That person almost
always benefits in some form or fashion from those “revelations”.  God’s revelation of Himself through the written word and the
Living Word is almost impossible to deny simply because of its uniqueness of revelation and longevity.
But the message…oh my, the message! God created with purpose and forethought, made humans in His own image, and through his
very own death on the cross and resurrection, makes it possible for us to live in His presence forever. By following His commands
and precepts we are enabled to live the best possible life on earth even as our lives glorify Him. We are set free from burdensome
ceremonial acts that gather His blessing, we are free from burdensome edicts about what we eat, what we wear, and how and when
we pray.
And, get this, we are not accountable to any human authority in our religious life.  We do not need a priest, counselor, ward captain,
or even preacher to get us into sweet communion with God. Each individual communes with a God who is personal to us and
knowledgeable of us.  Yes, we need a leader…a shepherd…who studies the Bible and helps us to understand the Bible.  Preachers
and pastors are here to help the individual, not rule the individual.
Now understand, our beliefs and lifestyle must never contradict the Word of God and there will be no new revelation that surpasses
the Bible.  You…every individual…must intensely study the Bible and because of that, preachers and teachers are necessary and
helpful.  But no one, not a preacher or a deacon or a priest or denominational leader “carries any more weight” with God than you.
No other religion, past or present, comes close to the deep and abiding truths of Christianity.
Say good things about your Savior and about His church here in Bluff Park.
Bro. Tony