All or None

All or none. That choice is pretty stark: Everything or nothing.  We don’t like being put in a position where we have to make such a drastic determination, do we?  We usually like a “middle ground”; a place of compromise.  Honestly, in so many cases, compromise can be a good thing.  But there are some cases where compromise is useless.  The Bible is the most glaring example .

                You see, we must believe all of the Bible or there is no use in believing any of it. It is either all the very word of God or we can’t decipher which is the word of God, if any of it. If we think we can pick and choose what is truth and what isn’t we then become the master of the Bible, that is, it’s editor. If effect, we become as God, deciding what is right or wrong, what is good and evil.  The Bible becomes ineffective, useful only as a personal handbook for what we want to believe.

Yet, I see that happening in more and more people and, unfortunately, more and more churches/denominations. If what the Bible says doesn’t line up with what we want and think we simply ignore it and say the dumbest of all rationales: “Well, they didn’t know back then what we know today”. Hear this…God knew more back then than we will ever know.  We must make up our minds that we will live by by pure faith in the Bible and believe every word of it.

I understand that there will be some different interpretations of what God meant in a few passages such as whether a deacon can be divorced or what the dragon in John’s Revelation vision represents, but we will still believe that God, Himself, told those men what to write and it is all His word.

So, yes, I believe a snake and a donkey talked, I believe the Red Sea parted, I believe angels came to earth and talked to people, I believe people were miraculously healed, Jesus was born of a virgin and He was murdered and raised from the dead.

So, too, I believe it when He says that homosexuality is wrong, there are only two genders, and marriage is to be between a man and a woman.  I believe God created in the womb and it is not our choice as to whether a baby lives or dies after it is conceived. I believe those things, not because they are rational to an imperfect mind or because the ideology of the day favors them.  I believe them because I believe the Bible is the never-changing, ever-truthful Word of God.

I believe it all.

Say good things about your Savior and about His Church.

Bro. Tony