I wonder if the people who championed “abortion on demand” ever thought it would come to this? When the Supreme Court decided the infamous “Roe vs. Wade” case, did they really imagine that in just over 40 years someone would watch an ultrasound of an infant in the womb being killed, pump their fists in the air, and claim a victory for “women’s rights”?  If those justices who voted in favor of that case were still alive would they be proud that their decision would lead to babies being aborted at full term? I would hope not.  I can’t believe they would be. Then again, I can’t fathom a sitting governor signing such a bill, smiling, and being championed as a hero. How sad.


               How did this happen? How can a civilized nation accept and condone such an obviously barbaric act?  Admittedly it was a slow process, but once the law said that life didn’t begin at conception it was a sure process. First trimester, second trimester, viability, etc.  We began sliding down that slippery slope and the logical ending is that we splashed down into the muddy waters of infanticide. How wonderfully progressive of us to began killing our children as a matter of convenience.  You know, like they did hundreds of years ago…in barbaric and uncivilized cultures.


                Our world has done everything it can to mitigate the horror of the act of abortion by leveraging it with sympathy for women by calling it “a woman’s right to bodily autonomy”, a “woman’s reproductive health right”, or even a “woman’s constitutional right to privacy”.  What about the baby’s constitutional right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”?  Men are told to keep quiet because we are men, and this is a woman’s issue.  This is NOT just a women’s issue….this is a HUMAN issue.


                The most egregious and immoral voices, though, are those who claim to love, honor, and worship God almighty yet stand on the side of abortion; who say to God “yes you knitted them in the womb, but we know better than you whether or not they need to come to be”.  I believe any Christian clergy who blesses an abortion clinic and any Christian who participates in the abortion process need to get on their knees in front of The One who created those in whose killing they are complicit and repent. And please don’t hide behind the “woman’s right to choose” façade. That is nothing more than a weak-kneed and wish-washy way of trying to hold onto the things of the world while holding on to God. It is what God says He spits out because it is neither cold nor hot.


                Take a firm and unyielding stand on protecting children in the womb. They can no longer depend on the compassion and common sense of our regressive laws.


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Bro. Tony