A Naked Nation

I know that as a Christian, and especially a pastor, I should always measure my words and soften my tone when speaking on certain subjects so as not to cause people to automatically become defensive and thus not hear the truths I want to share.  I apologize if what I am about to say doesn’t seem to fit into that manner of speaking. But what I want to say is this:  America is, as we are apt to say down south, naked as a jay bird. You heard me right, bare-butt naked.
Do you recall Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? A couple of tailors of unsavory character told the emperor that they would craft him a suit of clothes from a very special material; cloth that only special people could see.  If someone didn’t see the material it was because they were unworthy of their stature and/or just plain stupid.  The men pretended to hold up cloth and the emperor wouldn’t dare say he couldn’t see anything for fear of appearing the aforementioned appearance of stupidity.  He allowed them to go through the motions of dressing him in absolutely nothing and when they were through he told them it was the most beautiful suit he’d ever worn.  Oh, but it gets worse.
He then proceeds to parade down Main Street in pompous procession, displaying his wares for all to see.  The people, afraid of being maligned as coarse and stupid, applauded and shouted their gleeful approval of the emperor’s new clothes.  All went well until a child not yet versed in the truth-denying ways of frightened adults shouted to his mother “hey, ma! I can see his hoo ha.” (I paraphrase). The people, faced with the truth, agreed that the emperor was naked.  Too proud to admit his foolishness, the ruler continued his obscene stroll.
My point? Some years ago, someone began espousing the mantra that homosexual behavior was normal.  It wasn’t an emotional problem or a mental condition; it was just an alternative, but still natural, lifestyle. The media, for some reason rife with homophilia, began pushing that agenda and anyone who held a different opinion was publicly condemned as coarse and stupid. No one was allowed to tell the emperor that he was naked. Oh, but it got worse.
A celebrity decided he wanted to be a girl and so he began wearing women’s clothes and grew out his hair. Taking a witch’s brew of medicine that allowed him to grow breasts, he changed his name form Bruce to Caitlyn and the media went wild with adulation, calling him a hero.  Bruce is a nice guy and a wonderful athlete, but he lost the fries from his Happy Meal. However, Anyone who dared say he was “naked” was called ignorant, backward…..even a hater.  So for the most part America just remained silent.  That led directly to men and women being allowed to call themselves heretofore never known sexual designations such as bi-gendered, non-gendered, non-binary gendered, cisgendered, and I-haven’t-decided-yet gendered. But if anyone said they were “naked” the fury of the progressive better-than-you media fell heavy on their head. Places of supposedly higher education began insisting on people using newly invented pronouns to refer to people so as not to tell people they were “naked”. Oh, but it got worse.
I read an article, complete with nauseous photos, about pregnant men. Yep. Pregnant men.  I wish I was kidding. Pregnant women took their own unholy concoction of chemicals and grew facial hair and even (blecchhhhhh) chest hair and called themselves men. The writer of the article followed lockstep with other so-called journalists and continually referred to these women with the male pronouns of he, his, and him. Now, I know these guys and gals of the media went to some sort of college and didn’t just quit school in the 8th grade to go work in the cotton mills. They know better. They know that real science doesn’t support any of this insanity. Yet they still will not tell any of the poor, misguided people that they are “naked”. But, how can they? They would lose their jobs, as would any news writers, sports writers, athletes, celebrities, and not a few politicians.
And now an ordained minister closed his prayer to open Congress this year with the words “amen and awomen”.  So absurd.  So clueless. But the desire to appease everyone and to present himself as in sync with the current “woke” crowd ran roughshod over the commonest of senses.
I’m not being cruel and I’m not being hateful when I say it’s time to tell the emperor that he is not wearing any clothes. Regardless of the negative feedback and name-calling from the enablers of this madness we need to stand up and say, as the young child did, “Hey! We can see your hoo ha!”  Metaphorically, of course; I don’t want to see anyone’s hoo ha.

Bro. Tony