30 Seconds

There is a button on our microwave that says, “Quick 30”. The purpose is to make it so that a person
who wants to heat something for 30 seconds only has to tap one button instead of two. That made me
think about two things: Are we so lazy and spoiled that a major selling point of a microwave is that you
only need to touch one button instead of two? The second thing that came to mind was “why 30
seconds? Why not 45 seconds…or even one minute?” My conclusion was that human nature is
predictable.It’s just human nature to want to do things with less effort and, evidently, studies have shown that 30
seconds is the most used setting for reheating. Human nature is predictable, isn’t it? Why? Because it
doesn’t change. We are humans and our natural desires haven’t changed.
I always bring that to the attention of people who say the Bible needs to be updated; changed to meet
changing times. Times have changed in some ways. We have increased our knowledge in the disciplines
of science, mathematics, and the like, for sure. But despite the passing of centuries, we have not
changed human nature…not one iota. And, because human nature…desires and yearnings…haven’t
changed, the Bible doesn’t need to change. It is just as relevant today as it ever was.
The Bible teaches us and empowers us to restrain from the parts of human nature that causes harm and
creates a chasm between God and His creation. Do not think for a minute that In Biblical times humans
did not experience hatred, selfishness, jealousies, anger, lust, and sloth (to mention but a few). In those
days men were attracted to men and women to women. People wanted to dress and pretend as though
they were of the opposite sex. Exactly like today.
But the Bible, the very word of He who created us, tells us how God wants us to handle those dark
aspects of human nature. In 2 Corinthians 10:5 Paul says we are to “take captive every thought and
make it obedient to Christ”. Here is how the process works…every time. If a man is attracted to another
man, he is to take that thought and go to God’s word to see what He says about it. The Bible condemns
that so the man should restrain those un-Godly feelings. The same goes for a person wanting to be
another sex and dressing that way. Take that thought and go the Bible and see what God wants you to
do with it. Of course, Gods says no. It goes that way with every thought and desire.
People haven’t changed in the thousands of years of human existence. The Bible doesn’t need to
change as it addressed every problem known to mankind. It is still the answer to every question and the
solution to every problem.
Say good things about your Savior and His church on this bluff.
Bro. Tony