Spirit of Revival

                I hope you are sensing a renewed spirit in the church. It seems like every Sunday the fellowship, the Bible study, and the singing are truly Spirit-filled.  That feeds two different needs.  First, some have had a tough week and need to be around fellow Christians for support and to feel the Spirit encouraging them and ministering to them.  Others come after having a great week of closeness with God and wanting to share their enthusiasm in fellowship and praise.
                Both are just what our community needs: Christians experiencing time of personal revival.  When you come to church and draw nearer to the Lord you go into a “world” that needs what you have.  There are people that are hurting, people who are angry, people who are confused….people that are searching for peace and satisfaction in their lives. I believe we don’t realize how much a joyful, encouraging, Christ-centered person affects people on a daily basis. Whether at the workplace, the home, at times of recreation, in the grocery store, or a restaurant….people need to see the light of Christ shining through us.  Sometimes a big smile and a “have a blessed day” can transfer the peace of Christ to someone, if only for a moment.
                You see, “going to church” is not totally about us.  There is a great big world out there that needs contact with Spirit-filled Christians; Christians who are sensitive to the Spirit in their lives.  Many times, we encounter people who seem to want to make our day worse.  We think, sometimes, that the devil puts people like that in our day just to rob us of joy.  Did you ever stop to think that God puts us in peoples lives to make their day better?
                We are God’s instruments of peace and compassion.  We are put into the world to affect the world, not the other way around.  So, yes, go to church every Sunday.  Recharge if that’s what you need.  Praise and worship the risen Savior and soak up that spirit of revival.  Express your love and joy.  Then take all that enthusiasm and love for Christ out into a world and let the Lord place you in the right place at the right time to touch a weary soul.  Let the Spirit guide you to situations where He wants to work through you.  Somewhere out there is a tired waiter, an ill cashier, an angry co-worker, or a burdened family member that the Lord wants you to minister to.
Say good things about your Savior and His Church on the Bluff.

Bro. Tony