Have a Blessed day

There is an organization called “Military Religious Freedom Foundation”, but its goal is not what you
may think that the name implies. Its goal is to abolish any trace of religion in the military. I’ve seen
them complain about, among other things, Christian symbols on cubicle walls and a Bible on an officer’s
desk. In those two cases they were successful in getting the symbols and Bible removed.
The object of their latest crusade is the guards at Andrews Air Force gates telling visitors to “have a
blessed day”. Seriously. They say that it is a coded message that says to people “I’m a Christian and you
should be, too”. It would be humorous except that the military will take it seriously and, in all likelihood,
force the guards to quit saying it. Sad, isn’t it?
I have never once thought that by telling someone I hoped that their day was “blessed” I was
evangelizing them. Now, am I saying that I hope that it is God that works to bless their day? Absolutely.
But the sentiment is that I want their day to be joyful, happy, and fulfilled. Apparently, though, some
people think I’m whipping out my New Testament and swatting them on their noggin until they submit
to the Gospel.
It is amazing to me that there are people who resent/hate religion that much. I wonder why. Is it
because they were hurt somehow by a church body or a particular Christian? Were they raised in a
home where they felt the Word of God was overzealously applied? Were they a rebellious child who
pushed back on parental authority where religion was a factor? Perhaps they just think themselves so
“intelligent” that the mere thought of anyone believing in God makes them want to show their superior
intellect (in which case Romans 1:22 certainly applies).
Regardless of their (faulty) reasoning, it is a fact that our “tolerant and progressive” government is
kowtowing to them more and more. That tells me as much about our elected leaders as it does the sad
minority that finds fulfillment in attacking religion. So…what do we do? Be as bold in declaring your
faith in the Lord as those who oppose Him. Do not back down. And…have a blessed day.
Say good things about your Savior and about His church here on the Bluff.
Bro. Tony