How many of you are itching to get outside and work in the yard and/or garden? I planted some trees last year and I’ve walked out to them several time to see if there is any signs of life in them. A few are actually sprouting tiny leaves and that is exciting because growth is the one way I know they are alive.

But the same can be said about our relationship with God. Growth is a sure sign that the relationship is alive and thriving. If we are growing in the Lord there will be signs.  They will of course differ with people, depending on the situation.  Perhaps for some they will grow in their ability to forgive people who hurt them. Someone may grow in their compassion for people. You may even grow in your effort to love people who are difficult to love. The important thing is that we don’t stop growing.  None of us has attained that “full measure of Christ” as Paul put it.

Let’s each one examine our lives and look for places where we know we need to grow.  As we do, remember this: Many times God shows us those places by putting people and events in our life that reveal those places to us. As a friend once said, we don’t have problems we have opportunities. Look for those opportunities to grow in the Lord.

Easter is just around the corner. It’s going to be a great day! Remember to invite folks for our special times that day. Sunrise service will be at 6:30, Bluff Perk breakfast and fellowship is at 7:00. We will have Sunday School at 8:00 and will follow that with our Easter worship service at 9:00.

Bro. Tony, pastor

Church on the Bluff