Are Christians “anti-science” if we do not accept evolution as a fact? I’ve heard that many times. First,
let me say that there are Christian scientists in all disciplines of science. Those people have the same
information as their peers yet reach a different conclusion. Why is that do you think? Are the Christian
scientists closed minded and stubborn, refusing to look at the obvious?
I believe it is quite the opposite. There are only two possibilities when it comes to biological life: Either
life was created by a Creator or inorganic matter became organic and eventually (over about 14 billion
years) evolved into perfection of life. Honestly, it’s quite a stretch to believe the latter. A person would
have totally refused to entertain the possibility of a Creator (be close minded and stubborn) in order to
come to the conclusion that things evolved into what we see today.
There are no transitional fossils that prove evolution. Evolutionary scientists have to come up with a
theory because, after all, a “Creator” is off the table. Right? Their thinking is “there is no Creator, so this
must have happened”. God’s own word tells us to look at nature to prove God. There is no way that
anyone with a mind open to a Creator could come to the conclusion…looking at proven science…that
the perfection of nature evolved over billions of years.
But please know that the discussion of evolution by atheists is merely a diversion tactic that Satan uses
to move away from the fact and effects of sin. Human nature hasn’t “evolved”. Anger, hate, lust,
selfishness, and other harmful desires still cause pain, suffering, and despair. The only answer to that is
Jesus. Say what you will about evolution, but Jesus is still, the answer to every question and the solution
to every problem.
Say good things about your Savior and about His church on this mountain.
Bro. Tony