How about some resolutions for 2019? There is just something about a new year that points to a fresh start. Some, however well intended, often fall by the wayside.  For that reason we sometimes find it easier to simply not make any; it removes the pressure.  Some, though, are worthy even if difficult:  Exercise more, Lose weight, Eat healthy, Quit (insert your bad habit here), Be nicer to people, etc.  But  how about we set some spiritual goals as our resolutions?  Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Read/study the Bible more. A time of daily devotion will help for that.  There are so many devotional resources.  Our church provides “Open Windows” and people enjoy the disciple and spiritual wisdom found there. We have several books in our library and we are welcome to use them.  Lifeway Christian Store has many to choose from.


  1. Pray more. The time of daily devotion certainly helps this one but there are so many opportunities in a given day to have quick, yet meaningful times of prayer. Turn the TV off a couple of minutes or take a few minutes during your lunch break.  Pray as you drive (but don’t close your eyes for this one).  If there is a desire to pray there will be time to pray.


  1. Be more useful for Christ. Many will say “oh, I’d love to do that, I just don’t know how”.  Let me offer a suggestion.  I always say that prayer time is also a time to listen to God.  So when you pray about a person or situations always close that prayer by asking God how He wants to use you in answering your desire.  Then listen.  I think you will be surprised how often God shows you how to be useful.


  1. Love more. By that I mean to learn to show Christ’s love to people who are difficult to love because of their behavior, unbelief, and/or demeanor. Remember that He loves them in their current state and we have to reflect that love.  Admittedly that one will take practice and discipline, but it is important.


  1. Live unashamed of Jesus and by association, the Word of God, the Bible. Never be ashamed to tell people that the reason for the way you live and the way you think is that you live by the Bible as you walk in the footsteps of Jesus; that you follow His teachings and obey His every command.
    And…as you practice and accomplish these things…say good things about your church!
    Bro. Tony