God Created Male and Female

While hiking in the Smoky Mountains a few years ago I met a hiking couple at the base of a beautiful waterfall. We talked a few minutes, introducing ourselves and making polite conversation. Then the lady asked me a question.  The conversation went like this:
Her:  Did you see that big water moccasin stretched out over the trail?
Me:  Did you hear anyone scream like a little girl?
Her:  No.
Me:  Then no.  I didn’t see a snake.
According to current “progressive” thought I had made a sexist remark probably brought on by my toxic masculinity. I had implied that little girls scream and that little boys don’t. I must be a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal to think that.  Surely, I know that boys and girls are the same and it is only a wrong-minded, sexist culture that raises them otherwise.  I guess the theory is that if we cast babies into the wild, with no social construct, they would eventually grow up to be exactly alike in thought, demeanor, and physicality.
Nope. No way. Males and females are different in a variety of ways. Genesis 1:27 says “so God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”  Take note that both are created in His image.  Both sexes were created in the image of God and thus have equal value and worth.  One is not better than the other, but they are different.   A forensic scientist can look at skeleton and tell you whether it is a male or female skeleton because they are different.
While sitting in a hospital wait room once I picked up a booklet that spoke of all the services that the hospital offered.  There were three pages, front and back, of “women’s services” and one page, front only, of services designed specifically for men.  Do you know of any hospitals that have built a “Men’s Center”?  Males and females are quite different.
That doesn’t mean one is inherently smarter that the other or that all men are better than all women in everything. There are plenty of women who are smarter than I am and there are many females who are in better physical condition that I am.  Serena Williams would make mince meat out of me on a tennis court and Rhonda Rousey would squash me like a bug in the fighting ring.  But they can also bear children and feed children.  They can nurture children, and even adults, better than I can.  And yes, they are mentally and emotionally different than I am.
God didn’t create two sexes so that one could play sports better than the other.  He didn’t create two sexes so that one could be a CEO or President and the other couldn’t.  The next verse about the creation of the two sexes says this: “then God blessed them and said to them ‘be fruitful and to multiply’”. (Genesis 1:28).  You see, Gods creative purpose for the sexes was to become a family unit.  His purpose is for a man and a woman to unite as husband and wife and raise a family, instructing them in God’s Word and raising them in the fear of fear and knowledge of God. Their God-given differences and abilities will naturally flow out in their other endeavors, but family is the most important construct God has ever given us.
All this noise and smoke about men and women being the same, people determining their own gender, masculinity is toxic, et al is just that…a smoke screen by Satan to destroy yet another facet of God’s creative purpose. The Bible tells us to relate to each other and both sexes would do well to treat each other with respect and honor.
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Bro. Tony