United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church is about to finalize a seismic shift in their policy and theology. Over the
last few years over 25% of UMC churches have disassociated with the denomination over LBGTQ+
issues. The overwhelming number of delegates to their meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, approved
removing the part of their Book of Discipline that says the practice of homosexuality is “incompatible
with Christian teaching”. They also changed the definition of marriage to “two adult persons of
consenting ages” thus approving homosexual marriages. Methodist churches and authorities can now
ordain homosexuals and transgendered persons as ministers (though in reality they have been doing
that, without consequences, for some time). What that says is that the LBGTQ+ ideology has been
officially recognized as church doctrine.
Everyone knew it was coming. It was no secret. But the stark realization, that what used to be a sound,
Bible-believing denomination…a vital force in the spreading of the Gospel…has succumbed to depraved
worldly desires and false doctrine, stuns me. There was a time not too long ago when there was
precious little difference between Baptists and Methodists, at least theologically. But now a deep
chasm has been dug between us.
Many of the dissenting churches have formed a more theologically correct organization called Global
Methodist and I wish them well as they cling to scripture and hold fast to sound doctrine. I feel for
those who want to stay with the UMC but realize the harm that the new teachings will cause. The Rev.
Jerry Kulah of Liberia expressed it this way: “We are devastated now to be part of a denomination that
officially contradicts the Bible’s teaching on marriage and sexual morality.”
Say good things about your Savior and His church on this bluff.
Bro. Tony