Tell Someone About Jesus!

As I write this the news media are all gushing about the COVID-19 vaccine being shipped and available today.  The channel I usually watch talked with elected officials, doctors, and even a guy from UPS about how they would deliver it.  One correspondent gave a tour of a cargo plane that was similar to the one that would transport the vaccine.  It is major news.
To the talking heads that read the news stories to us this vaccine is “good news”.  Because they consider it good news, they are heralding it loudly and proudly.  This column isn’t about the vaccine.  It’s about something more important.  It’s about the true Good News:  Jesus was born in Bethlehem and salvation came into the world.  God, Himself, took on human form and walked among His creation.  He lived a perfect life and yet was crucified on the cross, shedding His blood for the remission of sin.  Folks…there is no better news than that!
Shouldn’t we herald that good news loudly and proudly?  What we celebrate at Christmas is the best news ever. I wonder how many of the 300,000+ people who died of COVID-19 complications died without knowing of Christ as their Savior. I wonder how many of them could have been reached if we had understood the urgency.  Perhaps that’s one of the problems we have with sharing the good news:  we don’t understand the urgency.  Hopefully, as we go through this epidemic, we will focus on how precious and fleeting life can be and better understand the urgency of spreading the true “good news”.
Look for opportunities…listen for opportunities…to tell someone about Jesus!

Bro. Tony