Opening up to God


Almost every week some celebrity “opens up” about something. Today one opened up about his battle with depression. One opened up about her sickness during pregnancy. Last week one opened up about her divorce. Too often these “opening ups” coincide with the release of a new book/song/movie and are more of a publicity set-up than just an urge to cleanse the soul. But truly “opening up” can be a great thing.

                When is the last time you opened up to God? I mean truly opened up? When is the last time you just got away by yourself and poured your heart out to him; telling him your fears and concerns? When did you last talk to him, confessing your sinful desires and un-Godly thoughts? Have you ever really poured yourself out to him?

It’s ok to tell Him that you are angry with him because of something that happened, or to tell him you have honest questions about why things are going on in your life. He wants you to open up to Him about your weaknesses and your problems. Listen….He knows those things anyway. He certainly does. He is just waiting to have a meaningful dialogue with you. He loves you tremendously and is waiting on a conversation with you about it; not wanting to chastise or punish, but to help.

Just be ready to listen, too. The listening is as important as the telling. Listen as He speaks to your soul. Listen as He speaks through scripture. Listen as He works in people and events around you. God is waiting on you to open up to Him because He is ready to open up to you. And, while some of what He says may be tough to hear, He speaks the truth. We all need His truth.

Bro. Tony, pastor

Church on the Bluff