Marriage Between Man and Woman

                When did marriage between a man and a woman become a controversial idea? For that matter, when did the belief that there are only two sexes that were revealed at birth, even become a matter for discussion? Yet in the past few weeks I have heard there was a concern about a politician or a businessman because they attended a church that taught those “controversial” beliefs. Is it a sign that Christianity is in trouble?  Yes and no.
                First understand one doesn’t have to be a Christian to believe gender isn’t fluid and that marriage is meant for only men and women.  Those beliefs aren’t taught…they are innate; that is, natural and inborn. You just “know” those things.  So, in order for someone to think otherwise, you have to be taught otherwise.  So why now, in an otherwise sane and civilized culture, are those particular beliefs targeted?  That has to do with the “yes” part of my answer about Christianity being in trouble.
Those core beliefs are part of mainstream, evangelical Christianity. We believe them, not only because they are innate, but because the Bible certainly underscores them and affirms God’s purpose for them. Therefore, if society can be led to believe that there is no difference in the sexes and that gender is only a matter of the mind, Christianity can, and will be, viewed as a negative and evil philosophy. And that….is why those particular agendas are being pushed so hard.


                Now about the “no” part of my answer.  Christianity is never in real danger.  A culture may seek to squash the growth of the Kingdom of God. It is impossible.  Even if driven underground it flourishes and thrives. God will always have His faithful followers who understand the importance of evangelism; of spreading the good news of Jesus.  But also, and as important, perhaps a little persecution will wake up the church and spur us to a time of revival and renewal.  We certainly need that.
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Bro. Tony