Hollywood and The HeartBeat Bill

                There has been a lot of back and forth between “Hollywood” and folks in Georgia about the threat to take all movie work out of the state because of the bill that would recognize life at the heartbeat of an infant and protect that life.  Alabama and other states are also taking the heat from so-call “celebrity activists”. Let me give y’all my thoughts on that.
                I have never needed an actor (I will use this term to designate all 50 or so sexes they claim exist that are in the acting business).  Their skill is they can “pretend” very well…and many are excellent pretenders. Their job is to entertain people, and many have indeed entertained me.  But when they demean me by calling me things like hateful, homophobic, backwards and ignorant, misogynistic, xenophobic, and dumb (among other things) they have lost their ability to entertain me…no matter how good they pretend.
                I actually have changed the channel or even turned off the TV when one of those guys that have mouthed off and insulted me appear. Why waste my time watching someone who loathes me try to entertain me? That’s not going to happen. It boils down to this: who do they think they are?  Actors are just people who produce a product that I can live without. And I’m willing to live without if necessary.  Remember, you and I are consumers and if we don’t consume a product the company ceases to make money.  Hollywood and the entertainment business in New York and other such places are the septic tanks that accept the contents from the bowels of every dark, depraved, and disgusting thought the human mind can produce.  They think they can lecture me on morals?  I don’t think so.  Listen…if I want to be entertained, I can be entertained by a video of two monkeys fighting over a banana.  I don’t need an actor and I think it’s about time for them to find that out.
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Bro. Tony