It seems to me that there is a large increase of Christmas decorations this year. We have driven through
several subdivisions and neighborhoods and the decorations are beautiful. As we rode around a place
close to our home, I saw a yard decorated a little differently than the rest: it had two snow men, a large
unicorn, and a rainbow Christmas tree. A few blocks away there was another yard with an inflatable
unicorn. I was curious, of course so I “googled it”.
It seems that the LGBQ2S+ alphabet community has appropriated yet another symbol: The unicorn.
When I think about that, though, it makes sense. Much like transgendered, two-spirit, and non-binary,
among other depraved ideologies of gender, the unicorn is an entirely made-up thing. It doesn’t really
I think what bothered me the most is that the unicorns were displayed as Christmas decorations. Over
the years many things have been tied in with Christmas. The true reason, certainly: Manger scenes,
angels, the wise men, and such. The secular aspect with Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa and elves,
reindeer, and even Christmas movie characters. But unicorns? What have unicorns to do with
The answer is nothing: they have nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever. As with many other events
and celebrations, it’s just another opportunity to flaunt the ungodly lifestyle of sexually confused people
as well as seeking to present the alphabet lifestyle as normal and acceptable. Their hope is that they will
get people to break out the ‘ol unicorn decorations to show support. The next step will be a unicorn
Christmas movie and then, before you know it, unicorns will be an acceptable and expected part of the
Christmas tradition.
I mean, what is a better way to celebrate the holiday than to display decorations in your yard that
scream out “Meeeerrrrrrryy Christmas!! I’mmmmmmmm gay!!” Good grief.
Say good things about your Savior and His church on this mountain.
Bro. Tony